Cloud Managed Services

Access to data has never been more in-demand than now. Businesses all over the world, especially those with multiple locations, need to constantly update their information while needing to check on other stores’ to ensure they are in sync. Cloud data provides that solution, however when in the hands of experts, they can even turn the tide for profits.

With all the world’s information at the touch of our screens, businesses have to rise up to the challenge of ensuring they can keep up with the times. Cloud technology is one of the most advanced support system to revolutionise the market, which makes it an ideal conversion for organisations. We understand that new technologies sound intimidating at first, that’s where we will come in and help you understand and to figure what’s the best way to improve your systems. Our team of experts will not only explain the benefits of the transformation, but will guide you through any part of the process that needs clarification. From outlining the entire system to selecting the right components, we will hold you by the hand as the journey unfolds.

Ultimately, the goal in any business is to see peak efficiency, which can lead to better returns and yields. However in the midst of upgrading or importing cloud technologies into your systems, everyone can do with a little more help and support. That’s why our team of professionals are always on hand to ensure all our clients are properly taken care of. Engaging with Axola means partnering up with excellance, and you can rest easy knowing that we got your back, whether in infrastructure migration projects or proposing technical solutions for better system quality.
The Amazon Web Service (AWS) is one of the most advanced cloud platform in the market, allowing over 200 services in technology from serverless computing, storage, machine learning, or even in whichever industry that you are in such as advertising & marketing, financial services, or even gaming platforms to bring your system to a whole new level with your developers and service providers. By engaging with Axola to help manage your investment in AWS, your organisation is on its way to building a next-generation internet experience where all transactions are carefully planned and analysed over. Our team is fully certified to handle daily routine operations to expert project management for high-value projects.

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Invested in Azure and can’t wait to unbox its full potential? With overwhelming possibilities such as creating cross-platform mobile services, developing innovative and dynamic webpages, or even creating mind-blowing apps, Axola’s expert hands are the ideal ones to make your web services the one to look for. Look forward to breaking barriers and leading the charge in innovation in the IT world when your everyday activities are constantly monitored by a dedicated team while gaining access to some of the most creative minds to help your organisation move forward in the digital realm.

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“Computer office software has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. With Microsoft offering their complete suite of office applications all plugged into one system, integration of all its applications will definatly be the peak of efficiency. Our team’s experience with Office 365 will not only help plan your work for maximum efficiency, but will also journey with you as we embark on the adventure of system integration together.

Look forward to smoother operations, faster data retrival, and all-around better performances with one fully intergrated IT ecosystem.”